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Impact! Design for Social Change in collaboration with Design Ignites Change every year present a series of free 30-minute webinars that explore how design-driven ideas for social good are launched. Each session is hosted by Mark Randall, chair of Impact! Design for Social Change and principal of Worldstudio, in conversation with business leaders, creative professionals and influencers working in the area [...]

Community outreach projects initiated by former Impact! students are coming alive in Washington Heights and the Bronx, thanks to government grants from New York City’s department of Small Business Services. One module of the Impact! Design for Social Change program challenges student teams to partner with a local New York City non-profit to co-design a solution to a pressing community [...]

Equilibrium: Threads of Love is a design based business which creates handmade organic cotton t-shirts for kids. Each garment is 100% organic cotton and locally made and produced in the USA (not mass produced), and produced using a sustainable water based printing method. These t-shirts contain unique colorful patterns, which have been designed from my inspiration of the lotus flower [...]

For over 20 years, WHEDco has been working in the Bronx to make communities more equitable, beautiful and economically vibrant; however, a stretch of Southern Boulevard remains problematic as it is poorly lit, underutilized and perceived as unsafe. By leveraging WHEDco’s existing relationships and multifaceted programming, we aim to turn the boulevard “inside out,” that is, to reacquaint locals with [...]

Businesses of East Harlem, one of the largest multicultural communities in New York, struggle to thrive and feel a sense of community. Instead of supporting local establishments, residents frequent businesses outside the neighborhood. Despite continuing efforts of Hope Community Inc. to garner business for local establishments, campaigns have not created measurable results. Business owners struggle to gain the business of [...] is an online platform recognizing Filipino design innovation that is proudly gawa ng Pilipino (made by the Filipino). It is the Filipino mark of good design showcasing works of local innovators (designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists)– those with novel or new ideas with the skills and expertise to transform into a design solution that meets the needs of the community.

Working with our client, EWVIDCO, a non-profit resource for Industrial businesses in North Brooklyn we designed a memorable and humorous campaign. It targets local residents and business merchants, as well as visitors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to create awareness and incentive to tackle the serious trash management issue. Mr. Trashyburg, the voice of our campaign, is a young, spirited, arty character [...]

A kid friendly, technology based, interactive communication system that facilitates a dialogue between underserved kids and their teacher, counselor and/or principal. Therapists use tools such as puppets and drawing exercises to enable conversations that are one step removed from a face-to-face interaction. I designed a tool to simulate this experience. It gives kids an outlet to release their inner thoughts [...]

Having grown up in India, and well aware of the various barriers and issues that surround a girl in my country, I came up with a platform to motivate girls in India to dream, recognize their true potentials and share their dreams. ‘Book A Dream’ provides a space to young schoolgirls in India to dream and share their thoughts. It [...]

I wanted to create an education-based project back in Chicago, particularly at the school I served at while in City Year (Stagg School of Excellence). Using my previous experiences working with students at that school, I was hoping to create something that would reach those students that know the importance of people working together, taking initiative, and finding creative solutions [...]

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