The “thank you” slide

Yesterday Bess, Nathalia and I had the big event for our project ¡Revive! Port Richmond. ¡Revive! basically promotes improving the storefronts of Port Richmond Av. (Staten Island) to bring people together, strengthen safety and welcome shoppers. We chose a store and set a date (yesterday) and improved its storefront to make a buzz and make the neighbors wonder what was happening. Everything worked out perfectly.

I was surprised of how many people helped us without hesitation, for one reason or another they were all interested in helping this project be a success, and we did it! I’ve learned that when you have an idea that you’re passionate about and a developed plan, people are more likely to support it because they actually know what you’re talking about and can even come up with new ideas to improve the original one.

After a long day on our way back home, we started listing all the people we’re thankful for, it’s a LONG list. From my cousin who decided to join us instead of enjoying the city and it’s wonderful weather, to John a volunteer who helped us cleaning the windows, painting the walls, moving furniture; the reverend who gave us chairs and a table to use during the event and Michele and her incredible hard work organizing and making everything happen; I could go on forever.

The idea of doing it all by yourself is tempting; team work is hard, but as Marty Neumeier in his book “The Brand Gap” says, 1+1=11. My point is that in order to have a successful idea, we need other people’s help, it will not only make it possible but it will enrich the idea notoriously.

Ana Pérez Gil