Power of Three

The first half of the Impact! 2012 residency is officially in the books!

Last Friday afternoon we wrapped on the first three weeks of this amazing experience with Jason Rzepka, VP public affairs, at MTV.

During our visit, Jason shared insightful perspective on the millennial generation before offering us a sneak-peek of MTV’s forthcoming Power of Twelve campaign. Created for the upcoming presidential election, the concept and execution of their “fantasy election” is nothing short of brilliant. The campaign functions not only as a call to action but also as a metaphor for the exponential power of today’s youth.

Jason’s inspiring presentation lead me to contemplate the exponential power of all that has culminated during our first three weeks here at SVA. A plethora of invaluable information has passed through our heads and hearts during the last 30,240 minutes of our lives. Things like:

Start a movement. Start a business. Start a non-profit. Start a project. Start a group.

– Mark Randall

Always meet them – where they live.

Start with me. Not with we.

– Steven Heller

Narrative drives you.

Brand is experience. Product is souvenir.

Awareness: a step. Not a Destination.

Broaden it out. Bring it in.

Control your mind.

Never over promise.

Framing is groundwork.

Create a stake.

– Martin Kace

Strategy vs. Tactics.

Find leverage points.

Have systems perspective.

Always evaluate externalities.

Complicated is better.

Don’t map alone.

Embrace the complexity. Then clarify it.

Audience is hero.

What’s my archetype?

– John Bruce

Fear doesn’t serve.

Follow your bliss (Joseph Cambell)

– Shana Dressler

Change not charity.

Fund the operation. Not the program.

– Lara Galinsky

Find one point. One simple behavior.

Do one thing.

Design a choice.

– Bob Mckinnon

Utilize local resources.

Give communities ownership.

– Andrew Shea

Create your opportunities.

– Cheryl Heller

What is development?

What is fundraising?

Make something beautiful.

The possibility of joy!

– Michael Blakney

Hale didn’t change!

– Ansley Whipple

Millennials are pragmatic. And clear eyed.

– Jason Rzepka

It is possible!

– Noah Scalin

And as Bob would put it – this is only but the tip of the iceberg.

At face value, three simple words seem to not carry much impact. Yet, as we all reflect back on the last three weeks, I am certain that we could agree that our heads, hearts, goals, passions, and possibilities have swelled exponentially – or to the third power at least!