Mark’s Post About “Not Posting”

A blog post can be about anything related to our experience here at Impact!, to inspire you instead of nag you about posting (and I am taking up Peyton’s challenge!) I have chosen to give you a tour of my apiary since Matt and David were eager to come up for a visit this weekend but could not make it.

Here I am, suited up to give you a tour.

Setting the scene, here's my house upstate.

Originally my hives were located in front of this old chicken barn.

Because of pesky bears that attack the hives, they are now located on the second floor of the barn.

They can come and go as they please from the open windows.

The bees arrive in the spring in screened boxes about twice the size of a shoebox.

They get dumped into their new home along with a queen.

Bees in flight.

The type of flower determines the color of the honey. In my area spring honey is lighter and by early fall really dark.

On average, I have four hives and get about 100lbs of honey a year.