Time flies, there is only one week left. However, I am excited, since my big idea finally comes alive. Though an excited idea insight in one morning when I try to make my keynote, I know I can not get the insight just in a moment.

Advisor is important. Not only a nice one who give you useful advise and point you a right way to follow, but also a tough one who give you pressure and make you think your idea is nothing but a trash.

Data is important. Not only help you illustrate your idea, but also help you finding a way to develop your idea.

Relationship is important. Not only who directly help you achieving a success, but also someone you meet everyday, you will never know which sentences they are saying now will give you an insight in the future.

Last but not least, you are important. Never stop ask yourself what is really important for you, what are you really caring about, you will find an answer sooner or later.

Quote by Allen “Do a project ONLY YOU could do”.