Building relationships

On the first week of this intensive program*, Michael Blakeney’s assignment was to build a Relationships Map. Since this could be a lifetime project, I started doing mine. It resulted to be a good exercise to see my 451 Facebook “friends”, 62 LinkedIn connections and 64 Twitter followers/followed from a new perspective.

I am not a PR person by nature, even if I am very sociable. For me, PR was like one of those carnival characters wearing a mask to hide their real identity. Talk to Michael helped me to understand that building new relationships is to create potential partnerships. It is true. Lasts days, I have been talking to people about my interests, what I want to do, etc. and somehow everybody says: “I know this person that works in…” “You should check ‘x’ website…” “Send me an email and we’ll figure out how to…”

So keep your antenna up, opportunities are everywhere!

Tania Jiménez

Designer + Thinker

*By the way, the term “intensive” has really come to fruition.