Impact! Sessions: Webinar Archive

Posted on: November 30, 2015

In 2013 and 2014, Impact! Design for Social Change in collaboration with Design Ignites Change presented a series of free 30-minute webinars that explored how design-driven ideas for social good are launched.

Each session was hosted by Mark Randall, chair of Impact! Design for Social Change and principal of Worldstudio, in conversation with business leaders, creative professionals and influencers working in the area of social change. Click on the title below to watch the Impact! Sessions in Adobe Connect.

Click here for the 2014 Impact! Sessions line-up


Session_1_Screenshot_2002014.1. STRATEGY MAPPING
Starting Out Right

with John Bruce, Forward Mapworks

John is the co-founder of Forward Mapworks – a strategic consulting firm using whole systems mapping to navigate the complexity of contemporary business challenges. John will discuss strategic tools for guiding design and community goals for mutual measurable success.


Session_1_Screenshot_2002014.2. SOCIAL DESIGN ENTREPRENEURSHIP
In Search of the Holy Grail

with Lee Davis, MICA

There are countless more designers eager and able to give their time to a social cause than there are job openings in this specific field. One solution to this dilemma designers have discovered is to launch their own social initiative. Lee Davis, currently a Scholar-in-Residence in Social Design at MICA and co-founder of NESsT, an organization that supports social enterprises, will discuss this and other issues related to social start-ups.

Session_1_Screenshot_2002014.3. DESIGN CITIZEN
Working with the Government

with Chelsea Mauldin, Public Policy Lab

Good design for government spaces and services is one of the most needed yet most untapped applications of social impact design. Chelsea will share insights that her organization, Public Policy Lab has developed through partnering with public agencies to improve the design of public services.

Session_1_Screenshot_2002014.4. EMBEDDED DESIGN
Impact from the Bottom Up

with Ramsey Ford, Design Impact

As co-founder of social design non-profit Design Impact, Ramsey Ford will share his first-hand experience with embedded design—a strategy to reconcile the top-down and bottom-up capabilities of designing with communities.


Session_1_Screenshot_2002014.5. THE LEGAL LABYRINTH
Where do I begin?

with Carly Leinheiser, Perlman & Perlman

Carly, an attorney at Perlman and Perlman – a socially-minded law-firm – will help navigate some of the legal issues associated with starting a social impact effort, such as choosing between non-profit, for-profit, or B-Corp business structures.


Harnessing Brilliance

with Emily Pilloton, Project H

Seasoned social impact designer Emily Pilloton will discuss how the organizations she founded, Project H and Camp H, use the power of creativity, design, and hands-on building to amplify the raw brilliance of youth, transform communities, and improve K-12 public education from within..


20013.1. THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPSSession_1_Screenshot_200
with Michael Blakeney, Good Profit

Cultivating and maintaining a wide range of relationships is critical to the success of any social venture. In many cases individuals are not even aware of the powerful connections they already have which can help them turn their project, program or business into a success.


2013.2. FUNDING SOCIAL CHANGESession_2_Screenshot_200
with Andréa Pellegrino, Pellegrino Collaborative

For many creative professionals, the thought of having to figure out the funding of a social change project is daunting and prevents great ideas from getting off the ground. This session will introduce various funding models to help de-mystify the process.


Session_3_Screenshot2_2002013.3. THINKING LIKE A SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR
with Shana Dressler, Social Innovators Collective

The creative professions have traditionally been a service industry, a client drives the inception and development of a project. What about self-driven projects? This session will introduce you to the concept of the social entrepreneur and what to consider to successfully launch your own ideas.


with Bob McKinnon, GALEWill

When you have a deep understanding of the goals, desires and needs of the audience you are trying to reach, you can create powerful and innovative solutions for the challenges they face. This is is why empathy is such a critical component when tackling social issues.


with Anne Frederick, Hester Street Collaborative

How do you work closely with a community to provide them with the tools and resources they need to have a direct impact on shaping their world? In this session we talk about how to engage communities in a collaborative, inclusive and meaningful way to produce equitable, sustainable and long-term results.



with Kyla Fullenwider, Imperative

Measuring the impact of a project, program or business is critical to it’s long-term success and yet it is rarely prioritized and often ignored. This session will introduce you to new ways of thinking about impact measurement and how it can be your greatest asset in creating meaningful, sustainable, and effective projects.