Project Description

Moitié-Moitié is a series of gastronomic events that bring people from different cultures together to share, exchange and connect through food. All activities are always held in small groups (up to 12: six immigrants + six Montrealers) to preserve a cozy atmosphere and open a space suitable to create new relationships. Moitié-Moitié aims to enhance the meaning of mutuality within a multicultural society, to break down cultural barriers, to give an opportunity to Montrealers to promote their culture, to facilitate immigrants’ integration to a new culture and encourage them to speak French.


Tania Jiménez
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Strengthen and create new meaningful, close and trusting relationships between French-Canadians and immigrants in the social sphere in Montreal.


Phase 1: Thematic potlucks hosted by community centers, galleries, restaurants, etc. Participants share a meal seated around a big table where food is placed in the center. Phase 2: Led cooking workshops and “Cook-Together” sessions. Phase 3: Line of gastronomic products, publications, catering services, epicures’ App.