Ride the Hook

Project Description

In collaboration with Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, we have created a plan to improve the commercial sustainability of Red Hook. Although it is home to many niche shops, art galleries, waterfront parks and food culture, most businesses suffer from a lack of regular foot traffic. Ride the Hook is an initiative designed to reframe Red Hook as an accessible biking destination. By drawing in bikers and directing them to explore the neighborhood, Ride the Hook aims to increase commercial activity on the Van Brundt main street, as well as to lesser known businesses throughout Red Hook.


Liz Cook
Jen Odegaaed
Payal Patel


Red Hook is a transforming neighborhood, primarily known for its industry and maritime feel. Minimal transportation options and a lack of linkage between scattered attractions contribute to an economy struggling to sustain itself. How do we draw people into a neighborhood so full of charm, when it seems inaccessible?


We encourage people to bike to and through Red Hook. The rise in popularity of biking in Brooklyn provides an instant market to tap into. By highlighting its wide streets, waterfront views, and abundance of unique activities, Red Hook can be easily seen as an appealing biking destination.