Papa Yama’s Heart

Project Description

Papa Yama’s Heart offers adult children a platform to customize and send snack-packs to their fathers with heart disease. An adult child can create a personalized package for their dad, opening the door to an inherently difficult (albeit necessary) conversation about his health. There is no greater motivator for a father than his child, and this special snack serves as the necessary catalyst to ultimately motivate him to make healthier choices.


Joni Yamashiro
» Watch a video of Joni’s project presentation.


Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US, afflicting over 23 million fathers. Consequently, adult children are looking for a way to help their fathers navigate towards a healthier lifestyle. Papa Yama’s Heart aims to support adult children in this mission to change their dad’s diet.


Papa Yama’s Heart leverages the relationship a father has with his greatest motivator: his child. Strengthening this bond, this thoughtful snack-pack unifies father and child in the joint venture of health by implicitly communicating: “Dad, your heart is my heart. Feed it well.”