Mr. Trashyburg

Project Description

Working with our client, EWVIDCO, a non-profit resource for Industrial businesses in North Brooklyn we designed a memorable and humorous campaign. It targets local residents and business merchants, as well as visitors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to create awareness and incentive to tackle the serious trash management issue. Mr. Trashyburg, the voice of our campaign, is a young, spirited, arty character that captures the mood and culture of the neighborhood. His goal is to lead locals and visitors to the EWVIDCO’s action-oriented website to clean up the mess.


Julia Seltzer
Vidhushri Ladha
Tomas Ives


Williamsburg has become a hot spot for young and international visitors. The number of trashcans isn’t adequate to support rapid population growth and there are not sufficient pick-ups. Trash collectors have no option but to fill trash bags and pile them up on corners. People have tuned out the problem.


A humorous campaign made up of a video, posters, stickers, t-shirts, banners and coasters to spark interest, motivate people to act and unite the community on a common cause.