Project Description

Our project for the Lower East Side Business Improvement District (LES BID) developed concepts for a series of events to be held across four Sundays in Orchard Street. The ‘DayLife’ events aimed to boost day-time foot traffic and change perceptions that LES is an area only for nightlife. Each of the four Sundays had a theme highlighting the unique characteristics of the Lower East Side.


Hala Malak
Zennie McLoughlin
Jacqueline Minkler


Historic Orchard Street has many vacant store fronts and lacks day time foot traffic, there is a perception that the Lower East Side only offers nightlife and restaurants. However four blocks of Orchard Street are closed to cars each Sunday presenting an opportunity for a street event to promote and revitalize the area.


The DayLife series of street events promotes Orchard Street and LES as a destination for more the nightlife. Running across four Sundays with different themes relating to LES; Food – LES is more then Pickles, Art – LES is more then Graffiti, Dating – LES is more then Harry meets Sally, Nightlife – LES is more then DJs.