Since 2010 Impact! has attracted participants from 18 countries, each have come to New York City with different goals but all share in the desire to use creativity as a tool for positive social change.

The program has included, among others:

»  advanced college students looking to expand their education into the area of social change
»  seasoned creative professionals looking to evolve into a new phase in their career
»  designers and entreprenurs who have a business idea to incubate and launch
»  university educators who wish to incorporate a social agenda into their curriculm
»  social entreprenurs interested in design-thinking

Student Testimonials

This program was one of the best experiences in my life so far. Being surrounded every day for 6 weeks by such high calibre mentors and new friends – all on the same wavelength – was incredibly energizing. Impact! left me with a sense of hope for the future of design, rejuvenated my faith in design as a tool for good and filled me to the brim with inspiration.
Sinéad McDevitt, professional designer, Sydney, Australia

Impact met my expectations and far exceeded them. I started the program with a personal project I was passionate about and came out with the knowledge, confidence and drive to make that project and others like it grow exponentially. This program is exactly what I needed professionally and personally. It helped me remember my strengths, introduced me to new resources and possibilities, and connected me with outstanding and talented people in the area of design and social change.
Peyton Rowe, associate professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Impact! has, by far, been the single most inspiring, valuable, and fulfilling academic program in which I’ve participated. Working and learning alongside seniors, graduate students, professionals, and professors from around the world was beyond what I expected. Overall, the course introduced so many facets overlooked by typical design educations that I would highly recommend it to not only designers, but anyone interested
in entrepreneurship, idea-craft, and pro-social business.
Matt Johnson, graduate student, University of Cincinnati

The program was great! Even after many years of professional design and teaching experience I learned a lot. The faculty was exceptional, fieldtrips so inspiring, colleagues and students very supportive. I now teach everything that I learned in my college classes.
Cedomir Kostovic, designer and professor, Department of Art and Design, Missouri State University

Design addressing social change was a new field to me. I was interested to learn about how it worked and how designers could play a role while at the same time making a living. I now know that it is possible. It’s hard work, but if we believe in it we can actually affect and play an active role in the time and place in which we live.
Inês Veiga, professional designer, Lisbon, Portugal