I am driven by a passion for design, a love of art, and a desire to effect meaningful social change. The unlikely instigator was a book on web design that my father assigned me as summer reading when I was twelve.

Fascinated by the design process, I sought design opportunities throughout high school and college. The experiences I gained during those formative years cultivated a strong passion for design and a desire to explore its potentials. As an intern at Greenpeace after college, I witnessed first-hand the power of design as a tool for social change. Following Greenpeace, I joined an international development company as a graphic designer where I created work that made a difference on the lives of practitioners in developing countries.

Wanting to learn more about social design, I found the Impact! Program. I believe the program will build my foundation in social design as I begin my journey as a design activist. I hope to emerge from the program with the ability to realize my visions, and the confidence to start my own projects for social change.


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