Many design, communication and architecture professionals have turned their efforts towards projects geared towards positive community impact. Some take an entrepreneurial approach and others weave a social agenda into their overall practice.

While the road to social change is paved with good ideas and good intentions this does not mean these concepts ever reach their full potential. For an idea to be sustainable it needs to be more than a good idea, it needs to be built on a solid strategic foundation.

This workshop will focus on three critical areas:

Ecosystem mapping
Working toward a detailed understanding of all elements of the system to gain insight regarding where and how to intervene for positive change.

Creative sessions
Developing best practices in forming well-articulated key questions for guiding inquiry along with designing effective ideation sessions.

Quick and iterative rough prototypes create deeper insight. This critical process allows designers to fail early and often so that precious resources are not wasted down the line.

The program is designed for advanced college students and for creative professionals looking to launch their own projects or adapting their practice to be more socially engaged. Students will develop the strategic foundation for a socially minded, design-driven project and leave with an understanding of the steps needed to make it a reality.

Experienced faculty will provide participants with a wide range of tools that can be utilized once they leave the program. Daily conversations with a dynamic range of industry leaders will engage students in a dialog around a number of relevant topics.

To get the most out of the week participants should arrive with a project concept to build upon; real or conceptual. A pre-assignment and guidance one-month before the start of the program will prepare students in advance.

The program starts on Sunday evening, June 21, with an informal dinner. It will give everyone a chance to get to know one another before the work begins on Monday morning. More information about this program will be posted soon.