Program Instructors:

Bob McKinnon

Founder, GALEWiLL Design

Bob McKinnon is Founder and President of GALEWiLL Design, a for-purpose company that designs social change programs, communications, advocacy and action. Here, he has designed programs, message framing, campaign, tools, outreach, public relations, advertising, websites, collateral, events and training—anything that can move the world forward.

Bob is also the Founder and Director of the GALEWiLL Center for Opportunity and Progress, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create and promote research, content and programs with the potential to move the world forward. It is established as a private operating foundation that will invest in ideas, people and organizations that empower others to improve their station in life. The GALEWiLL Center is currently undertaking The Invisible Dream, a research and design project looking to create a more realistic and nuanced conversation around what it takes to achieve the American dream.

Other projects on the Center’s horizon include a radio show and documentary film project looking both aiming to contribute bi-partisan insights to the many issues facing us today. Among others, the Institute of Medicine, the National Institute of Health, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Governors Association and the U.S. Congress, have called upon Bob to provide honest perspective on the many issues facing us today. He has appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered and been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other media outlets for his perspective.

In 2010, McKinnon created and edited Actions Speak Loudest: Keeping Our Promise for A Better World. The book is a collection of ideas, images, and actions designed to inspire us to keep our generational promise to leave the world a better place than the one we inherited. It is a collaborative effort that features over thirty contributors and one hundred and thirty organizations.

Additionally, he is the producer of the documentary film Remote Control, which looks at the issue of children and the media though the lens of total media consumption and what it may be displacing in our children’s lives. Bob earned a B.A. at Pennsylvania State University and an M.A. at the New School. He resides in New York with his wife and daughters.