Impact Projects:
Laser cut stencils for use in creative workshops and for making the streets more hospitable.
The Boulefont emerged from the streets and signage of Southern Boulevard. Seen here are snapshots that inspired the typography / poster.
Though the possibilities to welcome are endless, all expressions spring from The Boulefont.
A blank canvas: the NW corner of Southern Boulevard and Freeman Street is ideal for a reclaimed lot party.
Long-term goals may include: large-scale collaborations, site-specific art installations and infrastructural improvements.
Project Description
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For over 20 years, WHEDco has been working in the Bronx to make communities more equitable, beautiful and economically vibrant; however, a stretch of Southern Boulevard remains problematic as it is poorly lit, underutilized and perceived as unsafe. By leveraging WHEDco’s existing relationships and multifaceted programming, we aim to turn the boulevard “inside out,” that is, to reacquaint locals with the many contents and characters of their neighborhood. Enlivening the streets, we believe, is the first step of a larger effort to build confidence on Southern Boulevard and to facilitate its revitalization.

Year: 2013

Kara Bermejo:

Gonzalo Perez Paredes:

Carolyn Louth:

Sarah Markes:


How might our group of four international IMPACT classmates ("Team Boulevard") equip WHEDco to activate the streets and bring unity to the cultural diversity of Southern Boulevard?


The cornerstone of our strategy, The Boulefont, is a boisterous family of typefaces drawn (quite literally at times) from the many voices of Southern Boulevard. It is our hope that this shared visual language strengthens individual connections within the community while deepening —and sustaining— its collective sense of place.